Jake Salazar

Hi. I'm Jake.

Who am I?
Husband, father, hacker, investigative mind, organized thinker,
industrious, productive, identifier of consequences and benefits,
uncover-er of emerging trends, challenger of assumptions, fascinated by problems,
inventor of alternative courses of action, vicarious, and friendly.

I'm interested in the exponential growth of all-things Internet.

I design and build a variety of things.

Here is a sample...


  • mobile applications
  • responsive web design
  • single page apps
  • UI components, widgets
  • wordpress sites
  • e-marketing
  • e-commerce


  • API hacking
  • data visualization, animation
  • data ETL
  • ERP integration, migration
  • web services


  • automation, systems integration
  • single sign-on & role-based authentication
  • custom cms
  • enterprise portals
  • company intranets
  • self-service applications
  • registration systems

I use great technology, bleeding edge sometimes.

This is the bread and butter, but I use new libraries and techniques all the time.

Public and private sector, corporate, start-up, government, and higher-ed

I have worked in many industries while living in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Texas, and Michigan.


I'm available for your next project.
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I'm awesome, yet affordable.