Jake is a perpetual student of the Internet.

Jake Salazar pondering

He is a player/coach who is natural mentor, avid listener, and unblocker of problems. Creating and writing code truly warms his heart, but he has accumulated years of wisdom that his friends say he needs to share. Some consider him Layer 8 of the OSI model, bringing a human touch to a universal computing framework.

Jake Salazar pondering

Jake has worked everywhere.


Small Business
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Jake has led projects and teams.

He is an industrious, organized thinker, able to provide technical leadership to organizations—leading cross-functional groups through diverse projects and agile software development.

Custom CMS
Single Page Applications
Registration Systems
SSO Systems
Portals, Intranets
Workflow Systems
Large Websites
Responsive Websites
Fun Fact: Jake worked at a start-up that built a mobile app in 1999. We'll let that sink in.

Jake's been there and done that.

He is an identifier of consequences and benefits, challenger of assumptions, capable of envisioning long-range plans to enhance technical capabilities and services.

Experience + Education = Vision

Bachelors in M.I.S & Masters in C.I.S

Jake understand the needs of business and how to implement solutions.

AWS Solutions Architect

Field experience and classically trained.

Fun Fact: This dude is also literally certified to teach Technology Applications EC-12 and Computer Science 8-12 in the state of Texas.

Past Job Titles

Web Director
Senior Front-end Developer
Web Projects Manager
ERP Portal Architect
Chief Technology Officer
Web Operations Manager
Web Administrator
E-Com Business Manager
Jake Salazar being cool.

Cool, Friendly and Reliable.

Jake Salazar being cool.

Jake is a developer coach who cares about people, and he's ridiculously serious about his work and pure curiosity drives what might be confused as "tenacious work ethic." He's been told he is cool, and takes pride in that because the world seems to running out of cool people. And by cool, he thinks they mean kind, understanding, helpful, reasonable, and yes fashionable.

Fun Fact: Jake is an Army Veteran who served as an Infantry Soldier with the 10th Mountain Division. Hooaah!


Celebrity Endorsements

Movie characters love him. Do you know anyone with this much clout?

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Jake is always looking to connect with new people, ideas, and projects.

Cool is his love language.

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